Real Serious Games Tracking System: An Asset to Us All

What do VR headsets and educational robots have in common? Both are fantastically engaging technologies which use physical objects to craft an experience. And physical objects have needs. They need to be kept track of, kept up to date, and kept working properly.


Asset Tracking Systems tend to overlook the mid-sized company. They either collect and manage too much data, making them cumbersome for a mid-sized implementation, or they don’t collect and manage enough.


To meet their in-house need to keep tabs on their technology, Real Serious Games developed their own asset tracking system, perfectly suited to a mid-sized implementation. RSG’s VR headsets, hand controllers, and other immersive peripherals are all logged in their system. It allows them a birds-eye and at-a-glance view of all the assets they have deployed with a client. They can use their system to ensure all assets are up-to-date, that compatible versions are installed on all devices, and they can send new content out to the field. The devices can also use the system to “push” information home, and provide useage and content metrics back to RSG.


So what do tiny robots and immersive VR experiences have in common?


Micromelon is also in the asset wrangling business. Their educational robot kits are provided in batches of 100 robots at a time. Each of those little robots has data that to be collected and managed. Are they internet connected, are they up to date? How often are they used? These are the kinds of questions that are laborious to enter in a spreadsheet, but are perfectly tracked by an asset management system. While most of such systems are prohibitively expensive, and their features are overkill, the kind of mid-tier asset tracking system developed by RSG may be a perfect fit.


Are you a mid-sized technology company with similar asset tracking needs? Let’s be in touch and leverage our locally-grown successes!