What is a Cluster?

A cluster links sectors together. 


As a discipline, robotics spans multiple industries, from academics to entrepreneurs to heavy industry. 


Networked together by a cluster like QRC, challenges can be faced and solved by multiple parties. Opportunities that are not available to individual companies are unlocked, new funding streams and project collaborations become available, and the leaders in each discipline can bring their best to the table.


QRC provides the means and venues for professionals from different disciplines in the robotics industry to work together, with directories, profiles, jobs boards, problem-solving competitions, hackathons, networking events, and investment and funding opportunities. 


A cluster is what allows robotics enthusiasts and professionals to work together, to make more than the sum of their parts. The cluster is the catalyst — and it’s QRC’s mission is to advance Australia’s entire robotics sector.

Cluster development is not about creating clusters or picking winners, but rather understanding and then building on a region’s fundamental strengths.

— Ifor Ffowcs-Williams, Global Cluster Expert- Developer