Member Spotlight: Dotterel

To listen and talk is fundamental to communication. Dotterel unlocked communication in extreme environments, meaning we can now unlock communication everywhere. Dotterel are global leaders in UAV acoustics, developing and commercialising unique audio-enabling IP, providing award-winning solutions for the entertainment and government sectors (US & Australia) since 2017. This New Zealand Techstar company, backed by US, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, had a vision to unlock communication in any environment.

They have created the world’s first Aerial Audio two-way communications payload for UAVs.

"[Aerial Audio] creates a dialog with a suspect which is a top priority, 65% of our deployments are resolved with dialog”

[versus higher cost and risk actions]

- Los Angeles Police Department

 Through leveraging KONOS microphones, Aerial Audio demonstrates a breakthrough ability to hear in noisy environments and have received worldwide demand for this capability. 100% of their surveyed respondents would like to see Aerial Audio deployed in their segment, with a further 82% wanted the deployment as soon as possible, or within 1-2 years.


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